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How we found the jubilees?

👋 Troy 

How we found the jubilees?  

First we found Jeshua (Jesus), by getting born again. Than we learned to worship him in spirit and truth. Ezk 20;20 tells us, the Sabbath is the sign between him and his people. For many years we believed Saturday is his Sabbath. It is not, the moon proclaims the feast days, Moedin. Gen 1;14. We studied the new moon day and learned how to find the first slider in the western sky, as to be “DAY ONE”, and we started to count the Sabbaths.

In 2010 we celebrate the first time with friends (messianic Jews) Sukkot and Pessach and the week of unleavened bread. We also found the feast of Chanukah, John 10;22… and the correct birthday of our Messiah. He was born on the day of atonement. By more study in the scripture we replaced the wrong date of Pentecost, in the summer 2014. And we watched closely the blood moons on Pessach and Sukkot, 2014,15 and 16. We was in Israel, on the Gotlan heights, in the spring of 2016 and we saw the barley was already harvest in the 12th month (Marz). The Jews added falsely a 13th month, where there was “NON” necessary. 

From this year on, every spring we traveled to Israel, searching “AVIV BARLEY” in Jerusalem and started the new year right in time. You are correct there is no indication in the Bible to look at the equinox. But it helps to find out, if the given pattern is perfectly in line. The pattern of times is appointed, actually bonded in heaven, and it is humbling to receive this truth “FIRST HANDED”. We understand – the beginning of wisdom, is to “FEAR HIM” who made heaven and earth. He also wants us to recognize time and promised us, to restore everything, what was many years lost. 📖Lam 2;6 & Isai 61;4! 

Are we his faithful servants? 📖 Ps 119;176 & Mt 24;45! Maybe he requires first of all, to be obedience and have faith in him, as he may give wisdom freely. Tonjas prayer got answered, she found the Shemitas and jubilees. Jeshuah gave her the knowledge, because she had faith to receive it. 

One morning, Tonja (my oldest daughter) opened the book of Nicodemus (Apoqryphen) and read; in 5500 years messiah will come. In five times and a half time, she wrote on a paper. We already knew that a time is 900 years. So she added up 5 times 900 and 450 years = 4950 Years dived in 50 years = 99 Jubilees. Everything we like to proof in the holy scriptures. But the book of Jubilee was taken out of canon (there was once 80 books in the King James Bible). The book of Jubilee, comparing with the book of Daniel and John in Revelation, helped us to find the timeline from beginning to the end. They are 144 jubilees, 7200 years and a few added weeks till the end. On the second Pessach, time will be completed. A new earth and a new heaven is promised and the resurrection of the great harvest of all saints, will be shortly before.

Jeshuah was born in the third shemita in the 99 jubilee and died on the cross, in the beginning of the 100 jubilee. He promised Adam and Eva to rescue the first fruits in the 💯 jubilee. Everything makes sense, all the puzzles 🧩 fits correctly. We constructed the frame of the whole picture. If you have the pattern, the frame in the perfect square of time, everything will fall – right in place.

Dear Troy, we really hope to stay in contact and you following our research. It is too much to explain everything in once. Pleas be patient with us, we try to explain it step by step. For now we know there was jubilees always in the year 18 and 68 on the Greg. calendar. Why we know? – That explains this pattern we fond, “ELEVEN – 13th MONTH in 30 YEARS”, and the repeated “THREE” double blood moons, always on Pessach and Sukkot, goes linear through “ALL” the times. As soon as possible I send you a picture from Tonjas painting, many years back and forward. 

Thanks for your interest, you and your family be blessed, Shabbat Shalom from Switzerland. We celebrating today the third Sabbat in the last month of this year. Much love 💕 from Marianne&Samuel.  Sent from my iPad

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