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before Abraham “I AM” !

Jeshua said: before Abraham “I AM” ! (John 8;58)

Yahs beloved son, was the perfect sacrifice of sin, the lamb of God. From his resurrection onwards, there was no need for  the day of atonement anymore, the sprinkling of blood of a perfect animal on the mercy seat was no longer needed. 

When we are born again, to be freed from  the sin of Adam, we should proclaim it openly  by the baptism in water, where we “die and are resurrected” in Messiah Jeshua. To circumcise the for skin of all boys, was from Abraham until Jeshuas crucifixion a sign of obedience. It was a ceremonial death  of the old man of sin and in remembrance of Yahs covenant with Abraham, to be in his descendants a new holy nation. But Jeshuah said, before Abraham, in the order of Melkisedek, I AM. Until Abraham there was no circumcision of the foreskin necessary. But the love ❤️ covenant, the 10 Commandments was never abolished, it was from beginning common knowledge and will be until the end. 

A renewed and better marriage covenant was in Jeshua. John 3:3 speaks of how we are  conceived and born again and means to be circumcised in the heart and willing to obey Jeshuas commands. We also proclaim a new life in Him, by baptism in water. Jeshua is the King of Kings and his kingdom is not from this world. The catholic baptism of baby’s has  mislead so many and maybe also taken from an old Jewish tradition. As soon a child is able to recognize his sins and is willing to repent,  they will be also ready to follow Jeshuah and be baptized in the water. 

Two things were  in the better covenant abolished; the sin offering and the circumcision. Once for all  Jeshua gave his blood for redemption, as an eternal testimony to remember. By keeping his feasts, bringing thank offerings of the first fruits, we will be remembered and made perfect and holy, until his return.

From the start of the 💯 jubilee till the end of the 144th jubilee, there  is no offering for sins necessary anymore. But the first fruits offerings we still bring to the four weekly seasonal feasts. In the Spring a one year old lamb, in the summer new grain, in the fall new wine and in the winter oil for the lamp. Also thank offerings for every new born baby, two turtle 🕊 🕊 doves. We all have to be recognized and delivered in Jeshua Ha Mashiach. We as parents know our mission to teach truth to our children first. By obeying Yahs commandments and keeping his love dates, the true Sabbath holy. On the day of preparation we bring two loaves of bread, but on the Sabbath day we will make no fire, no meat offering or barbecue. On every Sabbath we remember paradise and rest peacefully in a small gathering, eating vegetarian and keeping us sober in his word, by drinking pure water. That’s how we learn, to make a difference between clean and unclean days. (Hes 22;26) And the joy of the Lord, Hallelujah, will be our strength for ever. 

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