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“Short Version” of our discovery

Dear  Troy, I would like to give you a “Short Version” of our discovery. You may test it and give us your reply. First I would like to give you a testimony. 12 years ago we listenend to Michael Rood, who gave a speech in Switzerland about the creators calendar. He had discovered Ron Wyatts research about the ark of the covenant and correct crossing of the Red Sea by Mose and the Israelites. I personally  was  travelling in Israel and  Sinai in 1980  and also at Nuweiba beach wondering about the Exodus account in the Old Testament. 

That’s why I was very impressed by Michaels teaching. Shortly before, with Samuel my husband, we had an interesting meeting with what I am sure was an Angel.  I was singing with Samuel in Bern. We are musical evangelists and try to reach people for the kingdom of Yahushua (Jesus Christ).  We go in to restaurants and bars with Guitar and Mandolin and play country gospels  For many years, we have lived on donations we so obtained. It was on a winters night (January 2010), we played music in a small restaurant in Bern Switzerland. Like always, we sing three songs together, than my husband, goes from table to table and people give some money in his hand. At the same time I take the guitar and sing a song by myself. This evening as I was so singing I noticed a  fine gentleman sitting by himself and he asked me very kindly  “do you have the song Blue Moon of Kentucky in your repertoire?” Yes of course, I replied and started to sing it. For a secondor so  I looked at  Samuel,and as I turned back I noticed had disappeared. I was disappointed as I wanted to talk to him. When we left the restaurant I looked up to heaven and saw a full moon shining over the city. I asked Samuel, did you recognize this gentleman siting alone by a small table. He had no drink and was maybe waiting to order something? I wanted to talk to him, but he was already gone. Samuel said, yes I saw him, but when I got to his table he had disappeared. ‹It must have been an Angel›, he said. ‹They come and go.› We were left there just wondering. If he was an Angel, he was maybe sending us a message? Why had he asked me to sing Blue Moon of Kentucky? When I got  home that evening,  I began to research in the internet to find the explanation of a Blue Moon. I learned about this 13th month moon, which  is seen as a betrayer moon. In the lyrics of the  Blue Moon Song by Bill Monero he sings of a false lover. 

From this night on my research really took off. I  studied the book of Hosea and I understood that we follow a false lover, a tradition in a manmade Roman calendar. I was eager to discover this matter and Michael Rood, with his ‹Rood Awakening› came just at the right time. From there we learned from the video’s of LWC the Moon Sabbaths, and so on…….

In our newest scrapbook, my daughter Tonja gives her testimony and how we learned to count the true sabbaths from every new moon day. She loves to read in the holy scriptures and explains the importance of Yahs appointed times, to worship Him in spirit and truth. 

First we recognized the new moon day one ☝️ by the appearance of the first slither in the western sky and shortly afterwards  we learned about the biblical feasts and started keeping the true Sabbath holy. We looked forward to find the ‹aviv barley› in Jerusalem and had another interesting experience with what we are sure was an angel in 2019. Before this In 2016 I was with a friend in Israel on the Golan Heights in  the beginning of March. The farmers  had already started to harvest the barley and we talked to a young religious Jewish man. He was very disturbed about this second Adar being falsely added. We also met  two Levites of the Sanhedrin who recognized this matter. There was blood moons on the feast of Pessach and Sukkot in 2014,15, “AND” 16. On 2016 people added falsely a 13th month and the blood moon fell on the celebration of Purim, that was not talked about much.

In this Corona time, 2019-22 we had to stop our concerts with Tune West, that’s why we took the time to build a website and studied deeply in the scriptures with prayer. We wanted to calculate the end times correctly. In the churches wehad  heard much preaching about the rapture which we couldn’t personally believe in. My daughter Tonya started studying the 13th month and parallel with the blood moons and was very impressed about our Angel testimony in the spring of 2019. The last few years we have  travelled to Israel to find ‹aviv barley›, to interpret the ’spring feast› in the creators calendar correctly. In 2019 there was a 13  month expected and we got the information mysteriously near by king David’s old city. Anyway keep it short, this dates of the 13. Month and blood moons in this last few years gave us a pattern to work with. If you understand that  the stars in the sky are a perfect repetative time-clock then you may find the dates of the Shemitas by the cycle of the  perfect rhythm in Yahs calendar. Tonja was reading in the book of Nicodemus that Adam was promised he would be back in  paradise in 5500 years. She prayed and wrote down 5 and a half times. She already new the three blood moons on Pessach repeats this cycle  every 900 years. Could it be that 900 year is an important cycle to consider? 5 times and  half a time would be 4500 and 450 years = 4950 years? That would be 99 Jubilees and Jeshua died on the 💯 jubilee! He resurrected and with him the first fruits. We found out that 2018 was a jubilee which we believe was proclaimed in 2017 with the star sign of the women standing on the moon on Yom Teruah 📖 The  Rev. 12 Sign! It was also the year of the solar eclipse over the USA, will make seven years later a cross over Kentucky! NOT SURE WHAT YOU MEAN HERE MARIANNE. IS THIS TO HAPPEN IN 2025? Everything we know now, we understand and it fits together perfectly to us. The calculations also correspond perefectly  with Daniels time line. I cannot explain everything right now, we have first to translate Tonja’s scrapbook into English. Until than we hope to stay “true” and in keep in touch. I will inform you as soon as we have more info. With love from    Anny  tunewest.ch to Troy Miller www.CreationCalendar.com

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